Chapter Meeting October 19, 2019


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 Session #1 is about “CSST Gas Lines & Defects, Safety 

Anthony Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning will have one of the gas piping distributors (Mark Baker with Specified Systems, Inc) present an informative class on the use and requirements of CSST …. AND a test at the end will provide Certification as a CSST Inspector. 

Session #2: “Construction & Code Defects

This is a very informative PowerPoint Presentation that Dan has done for code inspectors, home builders, Realtors and at Regional & National home inspection seminars. The presentation will show MANY new construction defects that PASSED CODE but DO NOT MEET CODE. We’re not trying to turn you into code inspectors, just to help you recognize and be more aware of some very commonly overlooked building code violations, that can injure the occupants or can be very costly to repair when eventually discovered or that have adverse long-range effects on the structure.

As Home Inspectors, we’re told by our “Standards” that we don’t do code inspections. We constantly remind everyone involved in the real estate transaction of this fact, and when asked to tell them “that performing a code inspection is the job of their local code enforcement agency - -  not us”.  However, as you are aware when we tell a client that something has been installed wrong or is a safety hazard and ought to be upgraded or modified - we frequently get besieged by buyers, sellers, Realtors and others asking the question: Is that a code requirement??  Most of the things talked about got overlooked or missed by the code inspector and never met code the day they were installed.           

Session #3: “ Termites/WDI Inspection”

Stacey Van Houtan has been a licensed WDI inspector in Kansas and Missouri for over 15 years. He has done expert witness in litigation in defense of fellow inspectors. He will discuss the types of wood-destroying insects you would typically encounter in our area; how to recognize their damage; types of treatment; and the licenses needed to do these inspections in our states.

Chapter Meeting 7, June 2019


Session #1 is about “Electrical Defects & Electrical Safety

The Chapter is proud to have Jason Brozen, Master Electrician at Capitol Electric put on a training seminar for us. Jason has been an electrician for 30 yrs and a Master Electrician for 24 yrs, working with some of the oldest and largest electrical contractors in the KC area like Tann Electric and Teague Electric. Jason has served on the Board of Advisors for Vatterott College, and taught CE classes for KCP&L as well as providing Expert Witness assistance for attorneys in cases of incorrect or faulty wiring installations and defects, etc. Jason has also been a speaker for other home inspection associations like ASHI at both their annual National Educational Seminars and at their regional chapter seminars.   Jason’s class will be discussing Knob & Tube and Aluminum Wiring; Split Buss Brussels, proper wiring of Sub-Panels (4-wires, neutral/ground mixed, grounding, etc); proper breaker types for each panel; Problematic Panels like FPE, Zincsco, etc; as well as more common electrical defects. Another VERY important part of Jason’s class will be on SAFETY when doing electrical inspections. Jason himself was the victim of an Arc Flash accident several years ago and has some very vivid and terrifying slides of the aftermath of that event. 

Session #2: “Legislation & Licensing

As you are aware, this year home inspectors in BOTH states got slammed with un-needed, un-wanted and burdensome licensing attempts by another profession and in Kansas we had 3-4 inspectors state they represent a state association from Wichita AND that they speak for about 250 inspectors across Kansas and their group wanted licensure in Kansas.  Through hard work and a dedicated effort by some of the more experienced inspectors in InterNACHI, ASHI, the Engineers and with the help of a few sympathetic legislators, etc we got BOTH bills parked or shut down for this year BUT  both Bills will be on top of the legislative agenda for NEXT year’s legislative season and you need to be informed and prepared.
Many newer inspectors have no idea who the special interest groups are (including some home inspector groups themselves), how these groups try to put requirements on Uthe S that they don’t have. Many senior inspectors have been instrumental for over 17 yrs fighting off the un-needed licensing attempts by others outside our industry are retiring or stepping down due to age OR health reasons and its vital that the newer inspectors have the knowledge to protect or shape their profession.
We’re going to explain the history of licensing efforts in Missouri & Kansas; who the special interest groups are; how they’ve used legislators OR legislation to try and control us, shift liability’s and put restrictions onto us that other professions don’t have; what we’ve done to fight this; and steps we’ve taken to help us in the future like incorporating a STATE inspectors association to provide a voice for ALL inspection groups NOT just one. This session will provide you the information to help protect yourself and your business. We will have a Q & A session to wrap things up towards the end…You don’t want to miss it!

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September 29, 2018


Session #1 is “All About Heating, Zoning, Heat Pumps

The Chapter is proud to have the specialists at Anthony Plumbing, Heating and Cooling put on a training seminar for us.  Anthony Plumbing, Heating and Cooling is one of the oldest and largest HVAC and plumbing companies in the KC area.

The specialists and trainers at Anthony will be discussing Zoned Systems; Proper Venting - Flue Size / Combustion Air Supply; Heat Pumps; Return air grill sizing to match tonnage (we’ve heard about 60% of returns are undersized). Their training classroom is filled with furnaces (standard & 90%), heat pumps A/C units, controls, etc for your viewing. You will come away with increased or refreshed knowledge of issues that continually raise questions and wreak havoc among inspectors, buyers, sellers, and Realtors alike, AND be better prepared to meet the SoP of your association. 

Session #2: “Fireplaces & Chimneys,

We have Don Driggs as our speaker for this session. Don was a former fireman and trainer for the Overland Park, Kansas fire department. Don owns American Chimney Cleaning in Freeman, Missouri (south by Raymore). For those of you that don’t know Don,  he started doing chimney inspections and cleaning in 1991 while still with the fire dept. When he retired from the fire department, Chimney Cleaning became his full-time business. Don is currently on the Board of Directors for the Dolan West Fire Department, and on the Board of Alderman for the City of Freeman. Don has been a speaker and trainer on Chimney / Fireplace issues etc for local fire departments and at local home inspection seminars for ASHI and NAHI.

Don is CSIA certified (Chimney Safety Institute of America); NFI certified (National Fireplace Institute); and a member of the Midwest Chimney Safety Council, National Chimney Sweep Guild. He will discuss varied topics like …. Level 1 & Level 2 chimney inspections, cleaning, relining, tuckpointing, dampers, crown repair, furnace liners in chimneys, safety concerns, proper guidelines for height, clearances, accessories, etc.  This is a great class to increase or to refresh your knowledge about chimneys and fireplaces, proper installation, how a home inspector can meet the inspection SoP of our associations AND how to report on them.  
We will have a Q & A session to wrap things up towards the end…You don’t want to miss it!